23-26 May 2024 "Maryland Deathfest" - Baltimore, USA

May 23-26, 2024 "Maryland Deathfest" - Baltimore, USA

MDF 2024 Initial Lineup:
1349 (Norway), AHAB (Germany), Apartment 213, Archgoat (Finland), Aura Noir (Norway), Avulsed (Spain), Bloodbath (Sweden)
Blue Holocaust (France), Brodequin, Broken Hope, Carpathian Forest (Norway), Cenotaph (Turkey), Coffins (Japan)
Deathhammer (Norway), Defleshed (Sweden), Depulsed, Extortion (Australia), Fossilization (Brazil), Grave (Sweden)
Impure, Inhume (Netherlands), Internal Suffering (Colombia), Kurnugia, Mortuary Drape (Italy), Necessary Death
Primordial (Ireland), Ripper (Chile), ROT (Brazil), Sacrifice (Canada), Severe Torture (Netherlands), Skinless, Stabbing
Tankard (Germany), Vomitory (Sweden), Vomi Noir (France), Yacøpsæ (Germany), Yellow Eyes

Many More Bands To Be Announced


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